Mini-breaks are good for your health!

Taking a long weekend away from the daily grind is a tonic that we often need in our busy lives. That's why mini-breaks are the ideal way to give yourself a mental and physical boost. In fact, working too many hours can have a massive impact on your health, leading to strokes, heart problems and type-2 diabetes, as well as mental exhaustion. So the conclusion is that working less and making the most of your free time when you do have it is of great benefit to you and your body.
Here at the Black Swan Inn, we see it time and time again. Our lovely guests arrive feeling drained by work and in need of a time out from their real life. That's exactly what they get as they set out to explore the surrounding Norfolk countryside.
We're lucky to be able to offer many different types of experience to those coming to have a weekend off at our B&B. We're nestled in the countryside, but near to Norwich – where art, culture, shopping and nightlife are all in plentiful supply.
However, for those city dwellers in need of a weekend where they get back to nature, Norfolk is the perfect location. From our base, you can easily get to the Norfolk broads, the county's incredible beaches, see the seals at Blakeney or have a ramble through the fens. Every season brings some new and interesting dimensions to our surroundings. Being out in the fresh air, getting gentle exercise and switching off from the demands of the day job will help you feel relaxed and happy.
It's also a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. Taking time out together is a great treat for couples and a lovely way for friends or family to reconnect. After you've explored Norwich or taken in the beauty of Norfolk's wildlife, we're here to serve you delicious food and drink before you retire to our delightful and newly renovated rooms. After a weekend with us, you'll be feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. So do book in sometime and let us look after you.
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